Wedding Welcome Bags for Outta-Towners!

Wedding welcome bags are such a treat for out-of-town guests, and today we're going to show you how we prepared some for our most recent wedding!

Our bride and groom live in Texas, but their family and friends live in every corner of the world, including Korea and Australia. Palm Springs was the perfect destination for everyone; easy to get to and a warm relaxing getaway. So when our bride suggested having a full wedding weekend (including a bridal shower, men's golf, and a post-wedding brunch), we knew welcome bags with weekend itineraries were a necessity! 

The itineraries that we made (above) described in detail where and when every activity was taking place, both in English and Korean. That way the guests weren't calling our bride and groom to figure out where they needed to be! Itinerary items included: Golfing, bridal shower, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, welcome drinks, the wedding celebration, and the after-party brunch!

We wanted to pack the bags with fun Palm Springs-inspired goodies and also some things that might actually come in handy in the desert! We included waters, sunscreen, a Palm Springs city guide, lemon heads, mini California oranges, and a fun pool float along with the itineraries!

We packed it all in simple brown paper bags (sturdy yet inexpensive), added the prettiest gold-flaked tissue paper and tied it up with a custom little monogram tag of the bride and groom's names. 

The bride's brother delivered all the bags to the guests in their hotels and they were a hit! Everyone was on time to their activities and we even saw guests using their sunscreens during the hot ceremony :) It was so fun putting together these bags- they were perfect for all the guests and didn't cost a fortune!

Agate Slice Place Cards + Wedding Prepping

We're prepping for a fun modern wedding coming up this weekend, and we've got some pretty exciting design elements in the works that we just couldn't wait to share!

Agate has been popping up everywhere, and we can't get enough. We got a huge shipment of it in last week, and this is how it looked..

I mean, those colors?! Insane. We had an idea of what we wanted to do with these little guys (they're about 3" wide), and that was to use them as place cards for each guest! See below:

We wrote on them with beautiful gold foil pens (iPhone photos don't quite do it justice), and gave the caterers a little heads up on Beef or Fish in the right hand corner. Don't they just look adorable?! 

We also can't wait to show you what we've done with the larger agate slices. It's going to be a Palm Springs wedding full of modern, yet earthy decor and it's sure to be a pretty one. We'll be sharing photos of this weekend on our Instagram, so check that out as well!