DIY Honeycomb Runner

We have had so many inquiries about how we made our colorful honeycomb runner, pictured below in our Bridesmaid Shoot, that we decided to make it our very first DIY on the blog!

This runner is a hit at parties; it adds color, fun, and honeycombs are used in an unexpected way.

We were so excited when the ladies of Bellwether Events contacted us last year through our Etsy shop, where we sell these runners. They wanted to know how to assemble this runner for Kelly of Studio DIY's bridal shower! We love Studio DIY, so we didn't hesitate for a second in order to give them our DIY instructions. Read on to see how to make it yourself!

After carefully following our instructions, the Bellwether ladies made the runner perfectly for Kelly's shower, as seen below!

Photo by You Look Lovely Photography

Photo by You Look Lovely Photography

You can purchase honeycomb balls virtually anywhere these days, from Target to Ikea, and assembling this runner is an easy and fun DIY. We hope to share more DIY's on the blog in the future, so don't hesitate to ask us how we made something you love!