From Orange County to San Luis Obispo

We wanted to explain things a little bit. {Why it says from Orange County to San Luis Obispo at the bottom of our website, how we can post Instagram photos being in two places at once.. } Well, the two of us live in separate cities in Southern California; San Luis Obispo and Newport Beach. About a three and a half hour car ride away from each other. 

On vacation in Kauai last year!

On vacation in Kauai last year!

As sisters, we grew up together in Orange County, and Natalie made the permanent move up North once she was married. 

We are constantly driving back and forth, both for business and for fun! Having a tight knit family has made it easy for us to work alongside each other as business partners, and we spend a lot of time together despite the distance.

 Newport Beach & Avila Beach {in SLO}

We love having the ability to collaborate with vendors and clients both in our cities and all the lovely places in between. We don't think of that drive as a burden, it's a fun way to explore those places we otherwise probably wouldn't! And that's not to say we don't travel outside of that stretch of the 405 and 101 Freeways (sounds like that SNL skit), we love destination weddings! :) We're going back to Kauai this October and will be scouting locations over there!