Wedding Foodies

Artisanal, delicious food is everywhere these days, and we can't pretend that we haven't gotten on that foodie bandwagon. We love food and love this current trend, but mostly love that it has transferred over into weddings! 

No longer are the options simply "fish or beef"! Couples have gotten super creative in their wedding food, and we're loving it! We're seeing sliders, mini corn dogs, fancy grilled cheese, and late-night snacks more and more often. Wedding food has become more personalized and people are branching out from the typically boring menus. 

We made these wedding menus a few weekends ago, and couldn't believe just how much food was going to be served at this wedding! 

We love that there's so many choices for the wedding guests, you really can't go wrong with that many options! Guests are sure to have full stomachs and will be down to get out on that dance floor. 

We can make any sign for your wedding, too- not limited to menus! Just check out our A-La-Carte options and shoot us an email!