Craft Cocktail Co.

We're excited to introduce a new spinoff of our company...

Craft Cocktail Co! 

Everyone knows that the bar is the hit of the party, especially when there's custom cocktails made to match the theme and personality of the party-throwers! 

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We decided to create Craft Cocktail Company with lead bartender & mixologist, Jared, to bring something new to parties and weddings to our area. Most weddings are seriously lacking in the fun, playful aspect of cocktail creation. We usually end up telling wedding caterers what their bartenders will mix up as the "Signature Drink" and hope they know what they're doing!


This is where Craft was born. Craft will be offered as an A-La-Carte item through Lovelyfest, so no need for a whole wedding package! We design the bar, make custom signage, rent beautiful glassware, etc. while Craft works with you to come up with a menu that fits your personality, color scheme, and budget!


Trust us, investing in fun and personalized drinks for your party-goers is never a bad decision. 

To see more, check out the Craft Cocktail Co Instagram!