1920's Bungalow

If you've read my bio or know me personally, you know I have a background in Interior Design. I absolutely love it and consider it a hobby more than anything. Friends have asked me to help them out on their spaces from time to time, and I love doing it! Now that my husband and I bought our first house in February, a 1920's California Bungalow, I can finally do what I've always dreamed: to renovate and design my OWN home! 

I decided to blog this transformation so others can see the progress and be inspired to do the same. Although this is Lovelyfest's blog, I feel event design and interior design go hand in hand. You can find inspiration everywhere, and this blog is a great format to present some of my own inspirations as well as give you a glimpse into our personal lives.

Below are "before" pictures, right before we purchased the house. There were college students living in it...hence the disgusting messes everywhere. GROSS!


The day we moved in, we had it cleaned professionally but it still felt dirty and grimey! To be honest, the first couple days living there were depressing. It was old, cold, and I didn't know the first thing about remodeling a house. We just knew we wanted to do it.

That very first day I HAD to get rid of that gross brown carpet...and we did! To our surprise we found perfect oak wood underneath all that disgust! YES!

This was one of the first steps where I could actually see progress in our house. Yes it was one small step and it needed to be completely sanded and stained, but I could visualize! 


Stay tuned for more awesomeness.