Natalie and Stephanie have been creative all their lives, but it wasn't until 2008, when Natalie was planning her own wedding, that she discovered the art of wedding design. Their creativity ran wild as they made Natalie's wedding day unique to them as a couple, and distinctive to traditional wedding styles. After the perfect day came and went, friends and family came knocking. Natalie and Stephanie went on to design and coordinate countless events together. 

Soon after, Natalie went to school for Interior Design, giving her in-depth experience in organizing and space planning. She knew she wanted to stay in the design field, but wasn't set on being an interior designer. When Stephanie graduated from UCLA, she gained insight, discipline and organizational skills of her own. What she yearned for was a creative outlet and a way to utilize her skills in a unique way. 

Seeing the potential in each other, these sisters sat down together and dreamt up Lovelyfest. The two decided to take a leap and open up a business together, and haven't looked back since. Lovelyfest is where these two sisters find their greatest passion and really feel they are living up to their potential. The two are not only highly creative, but their personalities balance each other out perfectly.

Natalie likes to think she is a ‘big-picture’ type, while Stephanie is the more detail-oriented of the two. They’re always finishing each others sentences, and are always on the same page. The two have a knack for envisioning their clients desires and creatively bringing them to life. With their keen organizational skills and attentiveness to detail, they never miss a beat. Whether they’re planning an entire event from start to finish, or simply providing design, the two give their whole hearts and souls to each event.